A producer is such a big part of the final song and it's not always easy to find the right producer for what you want to do! Here we are listing some of the producers that we've worked with or we otherwice know have a good reputation.  


  • Janne Hyöty

    Janne Hyöty is a very experienced producer and with his strong musical background he can easily manage most genres. Janne is fast and easy to work with. He has produced songs for many different artists and tv-shows. Janne is one of the more known songwriters in Japan at the moment with 20 No 1 releases in a few years! He's songs has been no 1 on the World Top 40 a couple of times. He also has songs released in Korea and China and of course Europe.


  • Mats Granfors

    Mats Granfors is a producer at Sugar House with a strong musician/teacher background with special knowledge in arrangements. Mats handles several genres from folkmusic to electronic beat. Mats has had a No 1 in Japan and a No 1 on the World Top 40 with a song on Arashi's album Popcorn that was released 2012.




  • Christian Jansson

    A producer and songwriter coming from a musically versatile background, Christian’s roots leads back to the rock and metal music of the 70’s & 80’s. Yet, his fond interest for, and the influence from the EDM and electronic pop music of today is just as, if not more, likely to be heard in his songs.

    No matter the occasion, whether writing for the Japanese or Korean markets, or the international one - big catchy melodies, anthemic choruses and a production that matches it all are the kind of things that makes him tick.

  • NYBAECK (Johan "Nisse" Nybäck)

    NYBAECK is a producer, songwriter, freelance musician and a music teacher living in Jakobstad/Pietarsaari. He is a very hard working music maker with a soft spot for electro pop with an organic twist.

    After earning a Bachelor degree in music and collecting a great deal of experience in the live music scene, Nisse has continuously been refining his production skills. Today he works in many different genres and areas in music business. He is aiming to meet any kind of challenge or goal with drive, passion and patience.

  • Mikaela Pada

    Mikaela Pada is a songwriter and producer. She is a fulltime songwriter and producer for Sugar House and works both on the domestic as well as the international market. She has written a lot of Finnish schlager but is also writing and producing for the Asian market.






    VICTOR is mainly focusing on J-pop and Progressive Rock. He has cuts with Japanese acts like Sayaka Shionoya, Hey! Say! JUMP! and he resently sold GOLD with a song Fascination included on the E-girls album E.G. CRACY that was released in January 2017. The album DEAR. released in July 2016 by Hey!Say! JUMP, included the song Dream Master and sold PLATINUM.

    VICTOR is also working within the Progressive Rock genre and has collaborated with acts like Opus Symbiosis, Marco Machera, David Kollar and the drummer from Mr.Mister/King Crimson Pat Mastelotto. VICTOR´s primary weapon of choice while producing is the electric guitar and a couple of crazy effect-pedals! 



  • Henri "Henzo" Vuortenvirta

    Henzo is a new and versatile producer/songwriter, with his roots in the electronic-rock hybrid genre. Mashing up genre's is his passion and he is determined on getting the music grooving right. Henzo is also the lead vocalist and bassist in a local indie-prog band and has been playing gigs in Finland and Sweden. During 2016 the group Bastupojkarna (Sauna Boys) released a song more for fun but the song took off and now they are on their third single release and climing the Nordic Spotify charts.




  • Sonja Biskop - Vocal Producer

    Sonja is an amazing singer and a very experienced vocal coach! She can help you to be the best you can be in the studio recording your vocals.






  • Náni - Vocal Producer

    Náni can help you to get the best out of your vocal recording in the studio. 







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