• Janne Hyöty

    Janne Hyöty is a prominent and recognized, multi-platinum awarded songwriter and a very experienced music producer and with his strong musical background he can easily manage most genres, fast and easy. Janne has produced songs for artists, bands, TV and radio as well as for theatre.

    Janne has single releases with Japanese groups like Kat-Tun(Birth, Ameni saku ai Yoru ni naku ai, Fumetsuno Scram), ARASHI (Wild at heart, Endless Game, Your Eyes), UNIONE (Sexy Sexy Sexy), Sexy Zone (Sexy Summer), Hey! Say! JUMP (Vanilla Ice) resulting in numerous Japan No 1 singles and about 40 Japan No 1 spots for CD and DVD releases as well. Several of the songs placed has been included in releases that reached the No 1 spot on the World Top Album Chart, as well as number two, three and four. 

    Janne also has releases in Korea, China and Europe like the single Chococo with girl group GUGUDAN, written with Eeva Louhivuori and Melodesign, Best girl released by Ulala SessionRole Model by Sunny HillDo me right was a Japanese release by Korean boy group Shinee, Numb with Chinese artist Chen Ming, Save us tonight with Park Jungmin, My You with Double S 301 and numerous local releases with artists like Laura Voutilainen, Sofia Ahläng, Jannike, Emelie Sigfrids.

    During 2004 - 2010, Janne has participated as a songwriter in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest several times, finishing in second place three times. Janne is a professional guitarist and has played with numerous famous artists and bands, at the theatre and on TV. He has also worked as teacher for many years. Janne is one of the owners and founding member of the publishing company Sugar House Publishing in 2004.

    Janne was honored with the Finnish Music Publishers Association's Music Export Price both in 2015 and 2016 for his great international success!


    Victor Sågfors is a skillful songwriter with a passion for J-pop and Progressive Rock. Victor joined Sugar House Publishing in 2014 and is now one of the most asked for writers/producers, especially for J-Pop. The single "maeomuke" released in February 2018 by Japanese group Hey! Say! JUMP, was written by Victor, Koudai Iwatsubo and MICO# and achieved the No 16 spot on The World Singles Top 40 Chart. Victor had the song "Classic" on Kinki Kids mini-album Topaz Love / Destiny, released in Jan 2018. Classic was co-written with Magnus Funemyr and produced by VICTOR.  

    The song "HOUYOU" was included on ARASHI album "untitled", released in October 2017. "untitled" hit the No 1 spot on the World Album Chart selling Double Platinum the first week of release (668.000). The Japanese group E-Girls released their GOLD (100.000) awarded, Japan No 1 album EG Crazy in January 2017, including the song "Fascination", a co-write between Victor and miwaflower and also produced by VICTOR.

    Victor had two songs included on the Japanese group A.B.C-Z's album "5 Performer-Z"; "Dokinatsu2017" co-written with Daniel Fagerudd and A.B.C-Z"Telepathy One! Two!" co-written with Ricky Hanley and Jyouya Uenaka. Victor has releases with the song "Smiley Days" with the Japanese female artists Sayaka Shionoya, a co-write with Mayu Wakisaka and the artist herself. "First Heartbreak" was released by Japanese female artist MIREI who also co-wrote the song together with Timo Oiva and Derrick How. First Heartbreak was co-produced by Victor and Janne Hyöty.

    Victor had the song "Dream Master", that he also produced, on Hey! Say! JUMP Platinum selling, World No 1 album DEAR., released in July 2016. Victor co-wrote the song "Footprints in the sand" released by IAN ERIX (US) in December 2016 and the song made it to No 9 on the Japan ZIP Dance Chart.

    Victor is a professional guitarist, playing with bands like Opus Symbiosis, Hipster Slayer and his band with Pat Mastelotto from King Crimson/Mr. Mister. VICTOR´s primary weapon of choice while producing is the electric guitar and a couple of crazy effect-pedals!


  • NYBAECK (Johan "Nisse" Nybäck)

    NYBAECK is a producer, songwriter, freelance musician and a music teacher living in Jakobstad / Pietarsaari. Nybaeck has a soft spot for electro pop with an organic twist. After earning a Bachelor degree in music and collecting a great deal of experience in the live music scene, NYBAECK has continuously been refining his production skills to a top-level and today he works in many different genres and areas in music. 

    NYBAECK has co-written and produced the song BRAIN included in Japanese superstar KUMI KODA's album AND, released in February 2018 and reaching the No 2 spot on the Daily albums chart in Japan day of release and the No 6 spot on the weekly album chart. The song is written by Nybaeck, Raja Kumari and Emelie Sederholm.

    The Japanese female artist MIREI released a mini-album in July 2017, including the song Goodbye my love written by Nybaeck and Tiina Vainikainen together with the artist. Ian Erix (US) released the song Foot prints in the sand in December 2016. The song is written by Nybaeck, Victor Sågfors and Ian Erix and produced by NYBAECK. The song made it to No 9 on the Japan ZIP Dance Chart. Female Japanese artist MINMI released the song CIRCUS on her album Life is beautiful in July 2016.

  • Christian Jansson

    A producer and songwriter coming from a musically versatile background, Christian’s roots leads back to the rock and metal music of the 70’s & 80’s. Yet, his fond interest for, and the influence from the EDM and electronic pop music of today is just as, if not more, likely to be heard in his songs.

    The Chinese artist Si Wai Ge released the song Don't Let go, co-written and produced by Christian. The amazing Ian Erix (US), has beeen working on upcoming releases with Christian. A co-write with the American writers and producers KCozen, Jason Jones and Appu Krishnan aka "The Professor" (Christina Aguilera, The Jacksons), has led to an upcoming release in China with an artist, that is considered to have one of the best voices in the world. Another upcoming release is with another famous Chinese boy group, with a song co-written with Korean writers Yang Hyeon Mo and Back Woo Bin, where Christian will also be doing the final production. 

    Christian is also a co-writer on the song Sin City, which is released by the Finnish producer duo Lope & Kantola in February 2017. Christian likes sounds and the remix of Emeline Sigfrids "Totally Over You" is also by Christian. 

    No matter the occasion, whether writing for the Asian markets, or the international one - big catchy melodies, anthemic choruses and a production that matches it all are the kind of things that makes him tick.

  • Karri Mikkonen

    Karri is a 26 year old producer from Jyväskylä, Finland. Karri started playing drums at a young age. He has done music production and played in multiple bands for most of his life and he has studied music production at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. As a producer, Karri is very versatile and handles many different styles of music from pop to orchestral, for documentaries, movies and video games.

    For the same diversity and change, Karri got interested in the Asian pop music scene and developed a special interest for Japanese culture, lived in Japan for 5 months and also studied and learned to speak the language. In 2018 Karri signed a publishing deal with Sugar House Publishing to take the interest of Japanese music further. 

    Karri has participated in co-write sessions in Finland and The Netherlands, done online collaboration with Asian writers and has also participated in the Top 20 Future Hitmakers course arranged by Teosto, Music Finland and the Finnish Music Publishers Association. Karri has participated in Song Hotel Camps organised by Music Finland and A Hit Song in 24 Hours as a part of the Music and Media event in Tampere.

    Recently Karri has produced indie acts from Finland such as Nightstop and Founding Neverland, Hopeinen Skorpioni and VELA. He has also released his own electronic music by the name “Kaster The Disaster”.

  • Mats Granfors

    Mats Granfors is a producer at Sugar House with a strong musician/teacher background with special knowledge in arrangements. Mats handles several genres from folkmusic to electronic beat. Mats has had a No 1 in Japan and a No 1 on the World Top 40 with a song on Arashi's album Popcorn that was released 2012.




  • Mikaela Pada

    Mikaela Pada is a fulltime songwriter and producer for Sugar House and works both on the domestic as well as the international market. Mikaela also writes and produces for the Asian market.

    Mikaela co-wrote the song "Sinu Ees" that was released by and co-written with the Estonian artist Liis Lemsalu (Female Artist of the Year 2018). The song was No 1 on both Sky Plus Radio as well as Radio Elmar for many weeks and was given the "Song of the Year AWARD 2017".

    Mikaela has many releases with artists in Finland like "Jäähyväiset Suudelmilla" (Marianna Närhi), "Näin Kasvot Enkelin" (Hannu Hautaniemi), "Oon Viaton" (Heidi Pagani), "Vaanit Mua" (Elina Heed). 





  • Sonja Biskop - Vocal Producer

    Sonja is an amazing singer and a very experienced vocal coach! She can help you to be the best you can be in the studio recording your vocals.






  • Náni - Vocal Producer

    Náni can help you to get the best out of your vocal recording in the studio. 







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