Victor Sågfors is a skillful songwriter with a passion for J-pop and Progressive Rock. Victor joined Sugar House Publishing in 2014 and is now one of the most asked for writers/producers, especially for J-Pop. The single "maeomuke" released in February 2018 by Japanese group Hey! Say! JUMP, was written by Victor, Koudai Iwatsubo and MICO# and achieved the No 16 spot on The World Singles Top 40 Chart. Victor had the song "Classic" on Kinki Kids mini-album Topaz Love / Destiny, released in Jan 2018. Classic was co-written with Magnus Funemyr and produced by VICTOR.  

    The song "HOUYOU" was included on ARASHI album "untitled", released in October 2017. "untitled" hit the No 1 spot on the World Album Chart selling Double Platinum the first week of release (668.000). The Japanese group E-Girls released their GOLD (100.000) awarded, Japan No 1 album EG Crazy in January 2017, including the song "Fascination", a co-write between Victor and miwaflower and also produced by VICTOR.

    Victor had two songs included on the Japanese group A.B.C-Z's album "5 Performer-Z"; "Dokinatsu2017" co-written with Daniel Fagerudd and A.B.C-Z"Telepathy One! Two!" co-written with Ricky Hanley and Jyouya Uenaka. Victor has releases with the song "Smiley Days" with the Japanese female artists Sayaka Shionoya, a co-write with Mayu Wakisaka and the artist herself. "First Heartbreak" was released by Japanese female artist MIREI who also co-wrote the song together with Timo Oiva and Derrick How. First Heartbreak was co-produced by Victor and Janne Hyöty.

    Victor had the song "Dream Master", that he also produced, on Hey! Say! JUMP Platinum selling, World No 1 album DEAR., released in July 2016. Victor co-wrote the song "Footprints in the sand" released by IAN ERIX (US) in December 2016 and the song made it to No 9 on the Japan ZIP Dance Chart.

    Victor is a professional guitarist, playing with bands like Opus Symbiosis, Hipster Slayer and his band with Pat Mastelotto from King Crimson/Mr. Mister. VICTOR´s primary weapon of choice while producing is the electric guitar and a couple of crazy effect-pedals!


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