• Mikaela Pada

    Mikaela Pada is a fulltime songwriter and producer for Sugar House and works both on the domestic as well as the international market. Mikaela also writes and produces for the Asian market.

    Mikaela co-wrote the song "Sinu Ees" that was released by and co-written with the Estonian artist Liis Lemsalu (Female Artist of the Year 2018). The song was No 1 on both Sky Plus Radio as well as Radio Elmar for many weeks and was given the "Song of the Year AWARD 2017".

    Mikaela has many releases with artists in Finland like "Jäähyväiset Suudelmilla" (Marianna Närhi), "Näin Kasvot Enkelin" (Hannu Hautaniemi), "Oon Viaton" (Heidi Pagani), "Vaanit Mua" (Elina Heed). 





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