The songwriters at Sugar House represent many different genres from pop, jazz, funk, musical, rock, heavy to commercials and film music. Don't hesitate to contact us if you're in need of some music for your projects, your band, your movie, your solo artist. We also arrange co-writes and songwriting camps!



    Janne Hyöty is a prominent and recognized songwriter and music producer, very well known in Japan, where the demand for his work is very high. In 2015 and 2016 Janne was honored with the Finnish Music Publisher Association’s Music Export Price, for his great international success, writing for groups like Kat-Tun, ARASHI, Hey!Say! JUMP, SHINee and Sexy Zone. Six singles he has co-written, has peaked at the number one spot on the Japanese sales chart resulting in more than 35 No 1 spots for CD and DVD releases as well.

    Several of the songs placed has been included in releases that reached the number one spot on the World Top Album Chart, as well as number two, three and four. In April 2015, Janne received five Gold Awards, one Platinum Award, six Double Platinum awards and three Triple Platinum awards for his great achievements in Japan. 

    Janne has also gained success in Korea, writing the titel song for the latest Ulala Session album “Best Girl”, together with Ricky Hanley (UK). On Sunny Hill's latest album he has co-written the song “King and Queen”.  He has also had releases in China and Europe, and he has previously participated as a songwriter in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest several times, finishing in second place three times.

    Janne is also a great guitarist, and has played with numerous famous artists and bands, at the theatre and on TV. He has also worked as a teacher for many years. 

    Janne is one of the owners and founding member of the publishing company Sugar House Publishing in 2004.


    Mats Granfors is a songwriter and producer, working in a wide variety of genres, ranging all the way from folk music to electronic music. He is a talented pianist and violinist, as well as a great arranger. As a songwriter Mats has gained success in Asia with the well-known boy band Arashi. Mats, together with Sugar House Publishing’s Janne Hyöty, hit the number one spot on the Japanese charts with the song “Your Eyes” in 2012. The album “POPCORN”, on which the song was included, also managed to reach the number one spot on the World Top 40 Chart.

    As a musician Mats has participated in many recordings and has also played in live shows, as well as on tv shows. He has been touring in Scandinavia, Russia, Scotland, Ireland, Spain and Africa.

    Mats is also working as a music teacher and has himself studied music in both Finland and Sweden, as well as in Denmark. 

    Mats is one of the co-owners of Sugar House Publishing.


    Sami Anttila is a songwriter, producer, and music teacher from Tampere. He has been writing songs for over 20 years, starting as a songwriter in various bands and later moved on to being a singer/songwriter, writing songs in Finnish. At this time he also started to produce make electronic music, as well as writing songs for other artists. Sami has also received a Master’s Degree in Popular and Folk Music.

    Since 2010 Sami has had his own music studio and music production company, called Third Sound, where he records and produces music for various types of artists. Sami’s main instrument is guitar, and he also plays bass, drums and keyboard. He produces, writes melodies and harmonies, as well as lyrics. 

    Sami writes both for the domestic and the international market and he has had some great releases in Finland.


    Sonja Biskop is a vocal coach, an amazing singer and songwriter, playing both guitar and piano. Her own releases are in the country flavour, but she writes in different genres and is at the moment working on a musical together with other Sugar House writers in co-work with TG Publishing writers in Denmark and England.

    Sonja was one of two singers in the band Country Life for many years, touring in different countries for ten years. The group released two records. Sonja has had great success in Latvia and was nominated for the best pop album in Latvia in 2007. Sonja has participated in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest with Should I Run Should I Hide. In 2010 Sonja released her solo album A Place Called Now, under her artist name Sonja Bishop.

    Down on my knees
    A Place Called Now

    Eva-Lott "Lotta" Björklund was signed to Sugar House in 2016. Eva-Lott is a multitalented songwriter with a soft spot for big power ballads, catchy melodies and symphonic pop. She is also an amazing pianist with a sensitive touch in her playing.

    Eva-Lott has worked as a choir conductor, pianist, music teacher, arranger and composer for many years. One of her strengths is that she masters several different music genres, having composed both classical as well as pop music.

    She is a certified music therapist and has studied in both Jakobstad and Stockholm. She also works as a freelance editor and runs a co-owned magazine with a friend. Eva-Lott has been awarded both a musical and a cultural prize in her home village. She was also a finalist in the UK Songwriter competition 2014 and she also co-wrote the song MY YOU released by Double S 301 in Korea in 2016.


    Daniel S.Diago is a dynamic artist and songwriter with a talent for writing music in a wide variety of genres. He is a top-liner and lyricist with the ability to write in English, Swedish and Spanish. He has a a natural talent to make catchy melodies and great lyrics and is always aiming for that new groundbreaking music, both for the domestic and international market.

    During recent years he has participated in different musical projects, both as a vocalist and as a songwriter. As an artist, Daniel has been involved in several projects on national television, in shows and on radio.

    In the Autumn of 2015 he released his self-written single “Back to Life”, which has been played on both Finnish and Swedish radio. The new single did reach the Top 10 list of unsigned artists on Swedish national radio.


    Martin is a songwriter and producer based in Helsinki. He is a topliner, vocalist and a multi-instrumentalist, comfortable working in a variety of genres. His biggest strengths lies in creating catchy melodies and lyrics.

    He had his big breakthrough in 2012 with the song ”Sexy Summer”, released by the Japanese band Sexy Zone. The song peaked at the number one spot in the Japanese charts, a feat for which Martin later on received a Gold Award.



    A producer and songwriter coming from a musically versatile background, Christian’s roots leads back to the rock and metal music of the 70’s & 80’s. Yet, his fond interest for, and the influence from the EDM and electronic pop music of today is just as, if not more, likely to be heard in his songs.

    No matter the occasion, whether writing for the Japanese or Korean markets, or the international one - big catchy melodies, anthemic choruses and a production that matches it all are the kind of things that makes him tick.


    Teemu is a multitalented songwriter, who's strengths lies in writing top-lines and lyrics. He writes in English, Finnish and Swedish and has the talent to make catchy melodies for many different genres. Teemu has attended several international songwriting camps and co-writes, he has co-wrote the b-side for Kat-Tun single "Unlock" which reached the no 1 spot on the sales chart in Japan. Teemu has a releases with IAN ERIX in the US.

    Teemu is also a great singer with a fantastic voice and a very wide vocal range and he will be a featured artist on international releases both in Japan and Europe during 2017. He has made several guest appearances as a soloist with various choirs and bands. Teemu sings everything from heavy rock to pop music and ballads.


    Jerry Lindqvist is a country man but he still manages to write songs in different genres. Jerry's main instrument when composing is the guitar. He is also a singer and lyricist. Jerry had tremendous success with his first solo album released in 2011 on Wing Records, and he has been touring since, in Finland and abroad with the band Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace. Before the solo album he also released two albums with Jerry & The Outlaws. 

    Oct the 11th 2013 Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace released the album Homegrown Soul on Good People Listen to Records.

    Into a Stranger
    Dancing With April
  • NÁNI

    Náni is a vocalist and songwriter in different genres of music. Náni has been a part of the rockgroup Ann & Pia & The Rockteam and the pop-soul-rock group Ann Dee & Pia Kay. Náni released her first solo album "You and I" in 2003, and has tried to find time to work on her next releases for a long time now. Náni co-wrote the song "I'm coming home", that was released in Japan by the Universal Japan artist Ayaka Hirahara in 2015. She has an upcoming release with a German artist as well.

    Náni writes lyrics in English, Swedish and Finnish. She is working on a musical together with Sonja Biskop and some co-writing friends from Denmark and England. Náni is co-owner and CEO of Sugar House Publishing, which explaines the lack of time for writing or recording herself.


    Peter Nordwall is a songwriter, composer, arranger and freelance musician. His main instruments are saxophones, flutes and clarinets and he does arrangements for Big Bands, classical orchestras and other ensembles. 

    Peter is involved in many different projects. Not only his own big band, but also smaller ensembles. He has been playing in several TV productions and has been working as a musician at various theaters. He has played at many festivals around Europe and is doing concerts mainly in Sweden and Finland.

    As a solo musician he has released four albums and as a session musician he has participated in about 50 recordings.  His latest release as a solo musician was the album “Leaving Home” in 2012 and three years later, in 2015, he released a new album with his orchestra Botnia Rhythm Orchestra in collaboration with the folk music trio Ulvens Döttrar. In 2006 Peter was nominated for the award “Gyllene Skivan” (Golden Disc) - an annual jazz award in Sweden - and was in that same year voted as the listeners favorite choice. 



    NYBAECK is a producer, songwriter, freelance musician and a music teacher in Jakobstad / Pietarsaari. He is a hard working music maker with a soft spot for electro pop with an organic twist.

    After earning a Bachelor degree in music and collecting a great deal of experience in the live music scene, Nisse has continuously been refining his production skills. Today he works in many different genres and areas in music business, aiming to meet any kind of challenge or goal with drive, passion and patience.


    Mikaela Pada is a songwriter and producer with a passion for well-produced pop songs with catchy melodies.

    Mikaela’s main instrument is piano, and she uses Logic Pro as her choice of DAW for composing and producing tracks. She mostly does different kinds of pop or ballads, but has also written a fair share of Finnish schlagers. As a producer she draws a lot of influence from various types of electronic music. Her strengths lies in writing catchy melodies and she has a curiousness for different genres, styles and trends.

    Mikaela has studied music production and sound engineering at Axxell Lappfjärd, and in 2014 she also received a Master of Science in Economics, and wrote her thesis about Songwriters’ marketing.

    Mikaela has previously composed music for Finnish television and has recently had some cuts with a few Finnish artists, but her prime focus these days is writing for the international market. She has attended several camps and done co-writes with different songwriters from around Europe. Mikaela had a single release Sinu Ees, with the Estonian artist Liis Lemsalu in 2016 and the song topped many radio charts in Estonia and was also chosen as The Song of the Year at the Estonian Music Awards 2017.


    Photo by: Frank A Unger

    Photo by: Frank A Unger

    Otto Palmborg is first of all an amazing singer with a magic touch that is just right for EDM and heart breaking ballads. Otto is a talented top-liner and lyricist with a multi-genre background.

    He has done everything from playing on the streets and playing troubadour gigs mixed with original songs and today he is playing with his newly formed pop/blues band, SVEN. Otto has worked with Sugar House as a demo singer but was signed as a housewriter in 2016. Otto co-wrote the song MY YOU that was released by Double S 301 in Korea in 2016 and he also made a debut with his own band SVEN.



    Jessica Hyöty is a very good lyricist and writes in both English and Finnish. She has got some great international releases, like “King & Queen” with the successful Korean girl group Sunny Hill.







    Jens is very experienced songwriter and producer with a passion for electronic pop and dance music. Jens has several releases with national artists like Mirella and Jennie von Storbacka. Jens was earlier signed to Warner Chappell in Sweden and then moved from there to SSG and then finally became a signed house writer at Sugar House.  Under artist name GEMIA, Jens released the record The Circus and the Monkey on Alabama Records.

    Jens has also participated as a songwriter in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest several times, for example the song KISS ME performed by Jennie von Storbacka finishing in third place. 


    Maria Stratton is a singer/songwriter with a flair for strong lyrics. She writes songs in English as well as Swedish. She comes from a musical family and grew up singing together with her three older sisters a lot, which also taught her how to do a good harmony. Her main instrument is piano, but she also uses the guitar for a lot of her songwriting. She likes to put a lot of thought and depth into her songs, but also loves playing with words and phrases as well as catchy melodies. 

    She has released three albums under the name Maria Cederholm; His Will Be Done (2005), On His Shoulders (2008) and Megaphones (2013), all of which consisted of her own written songs. The two latter releases have also gained some airplay on several radio stations in Finland and the UK. Her musical genre could be described as a mix between pop, modern country and with a hint of rock but she is open to writing in other genres too as she finds inspiration in most genres when listening to music. 


    Victor Sågfors is a skillful songwriter with a passion for everything between J-pop and Progressive Rock. Victor joined Sugar House Publishing in 2014 and has already had cuts in Japan with Sayaka Shionoya and Hey! Say! JUMP!. Victor is always pro-active and hard working. He has participated in co-writes/camps in Japan, Greece, UK and Sweden. With the multi-platinum awarded songwriter/producer Janne Hyöty as his mentor, Victor has become a real master of J-pop.

    He is also a professional guitarist, playing with bands like Opus Symbiosis, Hipster Slayer and his band with Pat Mastelotto from King Crimson/Mr.Mister.


    Henzo is a new and versatile producer/songwriter, with his roots in the electronic-rock hybrid genre. Mashing up genre's is his passion and he is determined on getting the music grooving right. Henzo is also the lead vocalist and bassist in a local indie-prog band  and has been playing several gigs in Finland and Sweden.





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