NYBAECK is a producer, songwriter, freelance musician and a music teacher living in Jakobstad / Pietarsaari. Nybaeck has a soft spot for electro pop with an organic twist. After earning a Bachelor degree in music and collecting a great deal of experience in the live music scene, NYBAECK has continuously been refining his production skills to a top-level and today he works in many different genres and areas in music. 

    NYBAECK has co-written and produced the song BRAIN included in Japanese superstar KUMI KODA's album AND, released in February 2018 and reaching the No 2 spot on the Daily albums chart in Japan day of release and the No 6 spot on the weekly album chart.. The song is written by Nybaeck, Raja Kumari and Emelie Sederholm.

    The Japanese female artist MIREI released a mini-album in July 2017, including the song Goodbye my love written by Nybaeck and Tiina Vainikainen together with the artist. Ian Erix (US) released the song Foot prints in the sand in December 2016. The song is written by Nybaeck, Victor Sågfors and Ian Erix and produced by NYBAECK. The song made it to No 9 on the Japan ZIP Dance Chart. Female Japanese artist MINMI released the song CIRCUS on her album Life is beautifulin July 2016. Youku Music program in China used the song 同一个方向 tong yi ge fang xiang in the show 这!就是对唱 (This! Is Singing). The song was written by NYBAECK and Otto Palmborg from Sugar House and produced by NYBAECK.

    !就是唱 (This! Is Singing)

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