A producer and songwriter coming from a musically versatile background, Christian’s roots leads back to the rock and metal music of the 70’s & 80’s. Yet, his fond interest for, and the influence from the EDM and electronic pop music of today is just as, if not more, likely to be heard in his songs.

    The Chinese artist Si Wai Ge released the song Don't Let go, co-written and produced by Christian. The amazing Ian Erix (US), has beeen working on upcoming releases with Christian. A co-write with the American writers and producers KCozenJason Jones and Appu Krishnan aka "The Professor" (Christina Aguilera, The Jacksons), has led to an upcoming release in China with an artist, that is considered to have one of the best voices in the world. The famous Chinese boy group NINE PERCENT released the single "I need a doctor" in November 2018. The single reached China Billboard V no 3, Billboard China Weibo Chart as No 1 and reached top positions on many other sales lists as well. The song that was co-written with 10years, produced and mixed by Christian, was included on the album "TO THE NINES", that got the Migu Award for Best Selling Album 2018.

    Christian is a co-writer on the song Sin City, which is released by the Finnish producer duo Lope & Kantola in February 2017. The remix of Emeline Sigfrids "Totally Over You" is also by Christian. ALEXO released the single Passing Time feat. Elin Aurora, that was a so-write with Christian.

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