Karri is a 26 year old producer from Jyväskylä, Finland. Karri started playing drums at a young age. He has done music production and played in multiple bands for most of his life and he has studied music production at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. As a producer, Karri is very versatile and handles many different styles of music from pop to orchestral, for documentaries, movies and video games.

    For the same diversity and change, Karri got interested in the Asian pop music scene and developed a special interest for Japanese culture, lived in Japan for 5 months and also studied and learned to speak the language. In 2018 Karri signed a publishing deal with Sugar House Publishing to take the interest of Japanese music further. 

    Karri has participated in co-write sessions in Finland and The Netherlands, done online collaboration with Asian writers and has also participated in the Top 20 Future Hitmakers course arranged by Teosto, Music Finland and the Finnish Music Publishers Association. Karri has participated in Song Hotel Camps organised by Music Finland and A Hit Song in 24 Hours as a part of the Music and Media event in Tampere.

    Recently Karri has produced indie acts from Finland such as Nightstop and Founding Neverland, Hopeinen Skorpioni and VELA. He has also released his own electronic music by the name “Kaster The Disaster”.

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