Mikaela Pada is a songwriter and producer with a passion for well-produced pop songs with catchy melodies. Mikaela’s main instrument is piano, and she uses Logic Pro as her choice of DAW for composing and producing tracks. She mostly does different kinds of pop or ballads, but has also written a fair share of Finnish schlagers. As a producer she draws a lot of influence from various types of electronic music. Her strengths lies in writing catchy melodies and she has a curiousness for different genres, styles and trends. Mikaela has studied music production and sound engineering at Axxell Lappfjärd, and in 2014 she also received a Master of Science in Economics, and wrote her thesis about Songwriters’ marketing.

    Mikaela has previously composed music for Finnish television and has several cuts with Finnish artists, but her prime focus these days is writing for the international market. She has attended several camps and done co-writes with different songwriters from around Europe. Mikaela had a single release Sinu Ees, with the Estonian artist Liis Lemsalu in 2016 and the song topped many radio charts in Estonia and was also chosen as The Song of the Year at the Estonian Music Awards 2017.

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