Teemu is a multitalented songwriter, who's strengths lies in writing top-lines and lyrics. He writes in English, Finnish and Swedish and has the talent to make catchy melodies for many different genres. Teemu has attended several international songwriting camps and co-writes, he has co-wrote the b-side "Ameni Saku Ai, Yoruni Naku Ai" for Kat-Tun single "Unlock" which reached the no 1 spot on the sales chart in Japan. Teemu also has a releases with IAN ERIX (US). The Chinese group XNINE released the song BIG SHOW in March 2018. The song was written by Teemu, Janne Hyöty together with the Korean producer duo Coach & Sendo.

    Teemu, together with Anna Timgren, co-wrote the song You are gone together with Fox.i.e and also are featured artists on the release "You are gone - Fox.i.e feat. Teemu and Anna-Li".  Teemu is a great singer with a fantastic voice and a very wide vocal range. He has made several guest appearances as a soloist with various choirs and bands. Teemu sings everything from heavy rock to pop music and ballads.

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